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The section is devoted to articles about the functionality of the service and the technical aspects of working with HTML5 banners. Here you will find articles on how to design banners to meet the requirements of various sites and platforms, how to work with presets and other specialized information.

  • Google Web Design: How to create an html5 stretching. Features of working with displacement groups for stretching banners.

    How to make an animated html5 stretching in Google Web Design? Features when working with displacement of the group. How to align the content evenly across the screen

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  • Adobe Animate. How to prepare an HTML5 stretch banner? From simple to complex, with code examples and source materials.

    How to create an animated HTML5 stretch banner in Adobe Animate with code examples and source files. A step-by-step guide (tutorial) for progressive learning.

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  • Adobe Animate. What does the export .html file consist of and in what places can it be filled with scripts and tags?

    This article will review the export file for an HTML banner. Here I will describe the techniques that I use when developing banners and leave notes that will help in the future fill out the export file to meet any technical requirements of the sites.

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  • Google Web Designer. Banner preparation according to Yandex technical requirements

    This article will describe a way to prepare an html5 banner made in Google Web Design, according to the technical requirements of Yandex.

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  • Preparation of banners for technical requirements Yandex.

    When creating an animated html5 banner, in addition to the visual content, the technical component plays a very important role. Namely, preparing a banner to meet the technical requirements of those sites and platforms where this banner is supposed to be placed. In this article I will tell you how to prepare an html5 banner according to the technical requirements (hereinafter referred to as TT) of Yandex manually, without using presets.

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