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The Update History

We are now giving information about service development, addition of new web platforms and data upgrade on platforms.
We also inform you of the newest methods and options of checking banners.

  • 2024-01-25

    A section for automatic, streaming translation of webp images into PNG format has been added to the menu.

    You can upload up to 25 images weighing up to 5 MB webp images, and immediately receive back converted png files.

    The simplest possible control of the converter. Try it.

  • 2023-11-30

    In the articles section, you can find new material on creating stretchable (responsive) banners in Adobe Animate. The article covers methods for creating stretches for:

    - Desktop versions of websites

    - Desktop and mobile versions of websites

    - Banners with precise control of element placement on the stretch and their management

    You will also find code examples, detailed descriptions, and bonus materials for each type of stretch.

    The article is written with a 'step-by-step' immersion into the complexity of developing stretchable banners.

    If anything seems difficult, you can reach out to us in our group (link in the website's header).

  • 2023-09-14

    The platform Buzzoola has been added on the page of banner checks and on the page of the automatic filling of the technical requirements.
    Fill in your zip archives html of banners made on Adobe Animate and Google Web Design and check the technical compliance with platforms by streaming mode activated automatically.
    - A number of corrections has been made in the code.

  • 2023-08-17

    Great update of the service functional! A new page is added on the site. Now with the help of you can not only test but, batchprocess zip-archives with html banners to the technical requirements of platforms. You can easily make animated banners in Adobe Animate and Google Web Design with default settings and automatically, in one click you cam fill in your archives. A detailed instruction how to prepare and make animated banners for yandex, weborama, rbc, mail, google, adfox is placed on
    Additional efforts have been made to stabilize the check of banners made on Google Web Design.
    A number of algorithms was changed to check the loaded banners and necessary updates were made to eliminate errors and gaps.

  • 2023-07-24

    The current update on the page has added the ability to upload banner previews to a link that can be sent to your clients and managers for approval of creatives.
    Zip archives for banners made in Adobe Animate and Google Web Design, jpg, gif and png are supported.
    On this page you can leave additional information in the form of a title and description for the banners that you will send. You can also manage the number of banners on the page by removing or adding new sizes, and also enable the “rubber banner” mode for each size.

  • 2023-06-12

    In the current update, we have added an "Articles" section to the menu. You can find the page using the link In them you can find useful materials on how to use the service, how to flash banners using the service
    The description of the "meta='ad.size'" tag has been corrected to be more convenient and understandable.
    Errors in processing zip archives have been fixed.

  • 2023-05-24

    A new page has been added in the current update Here you can make a GIF stub from an archive with an html5 banner, which some sites require you to provide along with the banner archive. Having completed a couple of simple preparatory steps at the stage of assembling the banner in the source code, you will be able to take still images of the banner simply by dragging it into the upload field. Only relevant for banners created in Adobe Animate.

  • 2023-05-19

    The site improvement is being continued as well. Several significant updates have been made:
    - A special button for filtration of platforms is added. Now you can, firstly, see the complete list of platforms, secondly, choose the ones needed for checking and hide the rest. Your choice is fixed in cookie files and used on re-entry.
    - The bag with archive downloads generated on MacOS is corrected.
    - The algorithm analyzing the web link to click- through on banner ads is corrected.
    - Considerable corrections are made in TT of Weborama and RBC.

  • 2023-05-11

    We added a new option on the site- the preview of banners. You may drag pictures or zip-аrchives into the download area on the page and see all downloaded banners on one page. In case you have got many formats of one company you can easily compare them and and detect mismatches in the layout or animation. It’s possible to download and view the HTML banners (as zip-archives) from your phone. The web link is on top menu of the site.

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