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zip, jpg, gif, png promotional materials

Available formats - ZIP / JPG / GIF / PNG

Upload file

Drag into download area the banners of the ZIP * (for HTML5 banners designed in Adobe Animate or Google Web Designer programs), JPG, GIF or PNG.

Describe promotional materials

Load banners
and share the link

Making a great number of banners for a promotional campaign one can easily go wrong in element location, animation length or mismatch some details composing different formats.
The service allows you to load all banners created in Adobe Animate and Google Web Design on one page, view them in comparative form, and send a link to other participants in the creative approval process.
The site shows animated HTML5 banners loaded as zip-archives,
gif-animation, static pictures, jpg and png.

The shelf life of advertising materials is 3 days. The link is generated on the website page
Information fields are not required. If you leave them empty, then only banners will be displayed on the link. By uploading banners to the page, you agree that they will be stored and processed on the service side.

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Checking Adobe Animate / GWD / JPG / GIF / PNG on the website

Checking banners

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