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Banners check

for technical compliance with web platform requirements

Available formats - ZIP / JPG / GIF / PNG

Upload file

Drag into the download area the banners in the ZIP format( for HTML5 banners designed in Adobe Animate or Google Web Designer programs), banners in the JPG, GIF or PNG * ** ***.

* Be attentive! The validator checks the strict HTML banner code compliance with the web platform requirements.
** You can not load more than 25 banners simultaneously.
*** The banners are deleted from the server automatically immediately after the checking.
The service has already checked 5809 banners.

Test results

Loaded banners are technically correct for sites highlighted in green. If the site is highlighted in red, it means the banner is not adapted for it. When you go to the site, you will receive more detailed information about the errors made. The service checks only the technical part of the banner: weight, encoding, presence of all necessary parameters, links, tags and scripts in the HTML file.

  • 300*250_AdobeAnimate

    • Mail

      • <meta name=”od.size” content=”width-100%,height=200>

You may share the result of the check with the banner designers to show where the mistakes were made. For this purpose you should download the detailed log- file in the .txt format or the error label image in the .jpg format.

Download TXT file

You save your time
checking your banners this way

We have been designing banners for many years and while posting enormous quantity of banner resizes were trying to optimize the self checking process in order to avoid technical errors. The problem was how to get down to zero slips in website links or wrong banner weight and, obviously, to reduce expenses for sending incorrect banners that throw away the time of a designer, a client and a web platform. Everyone dreamt of a program or a site where you could load archives and get a quick response – Yandex is well done, in Weborama script is not written, the banner for Ramdler is overweight.

Thus, this service appeared. We assembled all the most popular media platforms together with their technical requirements. We taught the program to check ziparchives and to report which technical errors have been made in advertising elements of a banner.

We created this service for ourselves, but we believe that it can be used by other studios and designers creating banners. The service will continue to grow, we will add new sites and constantly update the data on those already presented.

Which web platforms do we check?

The service aims to cover the most popular media platforms for placing ads (Yandex, Mail, Rambler, Adfox, Weborama etc.) The service algorithm checks coding and weight parameters, if there are appropriate tags, web links and scripts in HTML banner code. For static pictures and gif-banners the platform checking includes weight and absence of Cyrillic script in the title.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% probability of moderation after this offered website checking. The service algorithm cannot check visual content of a banner (frameworks, flashing, required disk claimers, quantity and quality of information) and does not provide lists of sizes actual for every web platform available (you should find out the list of platform formats beforehand). A banner can be declined due to a number of reasons which do not refer to the technical part of it.

We need your help because we strive to make progress! In case you have found an error in technical requirements on platforms displayed or would like to see more platforms offered would you please report about your preferences in the form below.

Checking promotional banners
for technical compliance with sites.

Check your banners with the help of our service before you send it to a web platform, a client or a manager.The supported files are: animated GIF, static JPG and PNG and also banners designed in Adobe Animate CC or Google Web Design as ZIP archives. The service checks dozens of parameters. Test your ad quickly and effectively and avoid extra expenses and unsuccessful promotional campaigns.

Checking Adobe Animate / GWD / JPG / GIF / PNG on the website

Checking banners

for technical compliance with sites